Program Details

A Franchise Growth Group is about giving you access to industry peers and experts to help you grow your business.
• Work directly with Evan Hackel and Cordell Riley to help you build your personalized franchise growth plan
• Get unlimited access to Evan Hackel and Cordell Riley for questions and conversations either via phone, web meeting or email
• Monthly Mastermind Web Meeting
- 90-minute meeting where you and your peers work together discussing key issues and help each other grow their business
- Various guest speakers with vertical expertise
- Meetings are recorded, for the private viewing by the group to review if needed or for your viewing if you miss a meeting
• Franchise Operations Performance Summit (OPS): membership includes registration for two attendees at Ingage’s annual Franchise OPS
• Private Facebook group
- Participate in a Facebook group with your peers in the franchise community
-  Enables participants to ask questions, share advice and bounce potential ideas off other members of the group


Every member of the Franchise Growth Group Mastermind must be committed to growing their business and supporting the other members.

Participants will:
• Always attend the FGG Mastermind meetings/calls unless there is an emergency; if they don’t attend, to watch the recordings
• Share openly and honestly, including your Key Performance Indicators
• Be available, and help and assist other group partners, always responding within 24 hours expect during vacations.
• Proactively ask for help and assistance from Evan and Cordell and the group participants
• Develop your growth plan and communicate it with your team, reviewing with your management team on a monthly basis
• Share immediately any significant changes in business or issues

Evan and Cordell will:
• Help you develop your franchise growth plan
• Work with you one-on-one as you need to answer questions and discuss issues
• Respond within 24 hours except during vacations
• Share best practices
• Provide honest and clear advice
• Introduce you to other experts as needed


• Successfully growing your franchise system has a compounding value. New franchisees stay with a system for 10, 15, 20 or more years. If franchisees provide your system with contribution dollars of $50,000 a year, most likely has a Net Present Value of over $500,000.
• Adding a franchisee or keeping a franchisee, in this example, is worth $500,000 each. • Increasing the system-wide sales of your system by 2%, if your overall royalty revenue is $10,000,000, is worth $200,000 a year.
• There is intangible value, too. Working in an environment where franchisees are more engaged and successful is a fun environment. You and home office staff will enjoy work more, and you will improve retention.
• Ultimately, the big value is in the increased value of the system. Today, franchise systems are valued at 5 to 14 times their EBITDA. So, when you improve your profitability, it is multiplied in system value.